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Podcast, TV & Radio Broacast

Power In His Presence on;
GTV @ 11:00pm every Sunday.

Power In His Presence on;
JOY PRIME @ 6:30am every Saturday.

Please tune in and or watch us on the following stations and networks:
Radio Stations in Accra

  1. Sweet Melodies – Wednesday @ 8:30pm, Sat @ 9pm
  2. Spring FM – Friday @ 2:30pm
  3. Radio Gold – Monday @ 8:30pm

Radio Stations in Cape Coast

  1. Valco FM, Mondays & Fridays @ 5:30am,
  2. Sunrise FM, Saturdays @6:30 am

Radio Max, Saturdays @ 6:30am.

Adepa FM, Saturdays @ 6:30am

Jubilee FM: @11am on Wednesdays and Saturdays @ 6:30 am.
Television Broadcast
GTV (Power in His Presence)- Sunday, Time: 11.00pm

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