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Major Ministry Groups

Three core ministries

The World Movers Generation (WMG) which was first launched on Sunday (March 2011) by the Apostle-General (AG) introduced a new phase to the second service at Ahenfie. It was the dawning of a new day for the dynamic, exuberant and energetic young adults at Ahenfie. Specially and skillfully crafted to meet the unique spiritual, intellectual, psychological, technological and socio-economic needs of the upwardly mobile youth in the nation, WMG aka World Movers Church readily attracted its target audience. The members of this dynamic service include young professionals, young graduates and undergraduates from Ghana’s tertiary institutions, entrepreneurs, and ambitious future leaders of the nation.
It is always exciting and in fact very moving, to see these young intellectual aristocrats and young managers of various corporate organizations in Ghana, lying prostrate, with eyes filled with tears, as they worship the God who has totally and radically transformed their lives, through the interventionist ministry of the AG. It is also humbling to see the future leaders of Ghana dance with utter abandon and ecstasy during praise time. The exuberant and Spirit-filled WMG praise and worship is led by some of Ghana’s finest and famous praise leaders such as Minister Kofy of Mentor 3 fame , Pastor Paa Kyeremanten of Mentor 3 fame and Pastor Nana Yaw, all of whom are committed members of Royalhouse Chapel.
It is also worthy of note that the spontaneity and dynamic nature of WMG has attracted some very high profile personalities in Ghana, like the Honorable Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Madam Sherry Ayittey who never miss any WMG service.

The vision:
  1. Maximize and fully develop the spiritual, mental and entrepreneurial potential of all the young adults in Royalhouse by preaching messages of hope that are relevant to the needs of these future leaders.
  2. Encourage net-working among the young adults, stimulate their minds to embrace unlimited possibilities, and offer them business, investment and financial opportunities in various fields.
  3. Build their self-image, self-worth and self-confidence and encourage them to use the media and technology to influence their peers positively, to promote the gospel, godly business and work ethics as well as good morals.
  4. Prepare, nurture and raise intelligent but God-fearing, trust-worthy, dedicated and Spirit-filled leaders for the political and socio-economic development of Ghana.
  5. Instill godly virtues and principles in next generation and equip them to take over the leadership of this nation.

To combat the negative technological influence and bad moral standards that are viciously attacking the very foundation and fabric of this nation, the AG presents the young adults with viable alternatives in the WMG service and challenges them with his own success stories. He offers the young adults the opportunity to shine from obscurity by actively involving them in every aspect of the service from intercession to preaching, to emceeing and laying on of hands. He also builds their confidence by allowing them to emcee and display their hidden talents during international conferences like the annual Convention of Saints which attracts high profile political leaders and renowned prophets and apostles of God.
These opportunities serve as a great impetus for the young adults, who enjoy the WMG service, which unlike the first service, is not limited by time constraints or interrupted by solemnities like child dedications, memorial/thanksgiving services etc. The AG also features the WMG on his weekly TV program dubbed “Power in His Presence” and always encourages members of the WMG to evangelize in their neighbourhood every Sunday morning and bring all their converts to WMG which starts at 10:30am.
If you want to have an unforgettable experience with the God of Royalhouse Chapel, join the World Movers and World Shakers this and every Sunday at 10:30 at the headquarters, Ahenfie, and I guarantee you without reservation that your life will never be the same again!

You will also enjoy the rap song of the World Movers which they composed with their adorable and prophetic slogan:
World Movers! We are Moving Our World!
World Movers! We are Changing our World!
World Movers! We are Shaking our World!
WMG all the way…

Royal Ladies International Ministry is a highly successful legendary Women’s Ministry Organisation of Royalhouse Chapel International founded in 1994 with 12 women in Accra Ghana by Rev Mrs. Rita Korankye Ankrah, wife of the renowned Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah, now with ministry branches and affiliations all over the world. Amongst other very significant defining features, Royal Ladies Ministry is particularly characterized by immense community outreach projects and a much talked about extraordinary International Women’s Camp Conferences currently held annually in Ghana, UK and USA.

Woman to Woman Connection

Royal Ladies Ministry serves as a connection point for that indispensable complimentary colossal woman to woman support and encouragement every woman needs for her emotional, mental, spiritual, social and career development.
Royal Ladies offer multiple connection points including getting together for regular amusement trips like girls night outs and breakfast meetings; educational symposiums, bible studies, retreats, numerous charitable projects and events and of course, the famed mega conferences of the organization.

Christ-based Purpose-driven Living

The ministry offers women an opportunity to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to understand thoroughly and apply effectively the Word of God, to develop a fantastic prayer life, to receive tools for total success in all of life’s endeavors, so that she can make a difference in her world.

Ministry Teams
Our Principles

We value women as people created in the image of God; saved by Jesus Christ; and filled, gifted and vested with power by the Holy Ghost.
We value the acquisition of the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of God as a life goal of women.
We value the total happiness, completeness, holiness, growth and prosperity of women above all else.
We value the abilities, talents, skills and resources of women.
We value role of the woman in the local Church.

Our Philosophy

Women are the incubators of life, the glue to families, the trainers of progenies, the groomers of humanity, the sculptors of destiny and the softeners of creation – in a rough, tensed and harassed world. Women are central to the success of humankind.
When women come together, and study, pray, share, serve – they transform their world. They make a mark that cannot be easily erased.
Royal Ladies… arise and shine!

The Man Power Ministry International is the Men’s Wing of Royalhouse Chapel International. It was established about fourteen (14) years ago by the Apostle General of Royalhouse Chapel International; Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah. The ministry’s aim, among others, is to serve as a convergence zone for all men from all walks of life. It is a forum for fellowship through which men are empowered spiritually, psychologically and materially to realize their God-given potentials.
We meet for fellowship on Saturdays at 4:00pm every fortnight at the Headquarters, Ahenfie. We also conduct periodic seminars to address issues relevant to the needs of our men fold. The headquarters host a yearly International National Men’s Conference in the first week of June every year. This conference gathers over two thousand (2000) men and is addressed by acclaimed and seasoned ministers of God.
As part of our social responsibilities in our community, we organize a yearly blood donation exercise in support of our nation’s blood bank. We occasionally donate in cash and kind to the Aged Ministry of the church. (The Aged Ministry is a ministry that sees to the welfare of the aged in our society, by providing them a place of comfort, fellowship, as well as food and medical needs on weekly bases).