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Foundation & Discipleship School

To establish new members in the foundation of faith

Foundation School of Discipleship aims at establishing new members in the foundation of faith, in the power of God, in the knowledge of God’s word and in this new family they have become a member of.

Benefits of Foundation School of Discipleship to you

Going through our Foundation School as a new member offers you the following benefits:

Structure of Foundation School of Discipleship

Our Foundation School of Discipleship is made up of ten classes delivered twice a week – Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00pm or you may attend once a week for ten weeks.
After the Foundation School, you can participate in a Graduation ceremony that receives you into full membership of the church. This ceremony is presided over by the Apostle General.

Lessons taught at Foundation School of Discipleship

Lesson 1 – The parable of the sower
Lesson 2 – The doctrine of Salvation
Lesson 3 – Understanding God’s
authority of His Word
Lesson 4 – The doctrine of the
Baptism (Water and Holy Spirit baptism)
Lesson 5 – Holiness
Lesson 6 – Worship
Lesson 7 – Tithes, Offerings,
First Fruits and Sacrifices
Lesson 8 – The Vision and Mission
of Royalhouse Chapel International
Lesson 9 – How to share your faith
Lesson 10 – Understanding the
Lord’s Supper, Covenants, Vows and Oaths

Enroll in Foundation School of Discipleship
now on:
Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm prompt.