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Conferences of RoyalhouseChapel

Royalhouse chapel is blessed with a fire branded, well established women’s ministry under the leadership of Rev. Mrs. Rita Korankye-Ankrah. The conferences are usually held through the diaspora, from Ghana, America and Europe.
The major international conference is hosted in Ghana during the last week in June at the University of Ghana. During this period of gathering, the woman of God gathers all women within and outside the country to their ‘mount Shiloh’ for empowerment, miracles and fellowship. Seasoned speakers are invited to bless and propel the women to another level. The President General, Rev. Mrs. Rita Korankye-Ankrah, also uses such platform created to specially empower and bless all women who gather.
Royal Ladies Ministries boasts of over 8000 participants at each of such conferences. It is a meeting which no woman would want to miss out. It is a wonderful atmosphere of demonstration of the power of God with the mothers of the nation who carry the seed of greatness in them.

The Men’s conference serves as a vibrant conference organized annually in the first week of the month of June. It is a gathering of all men under the Royalhouse Chapel fraternity and beyond to empower, equip and position them ahead for the rest of the year. The conference serves as one of the key gatherings that are observed in Royalhouse Chapel International.
The conference usually takes place at the University of Ghana Central Cafeteria under the oversight of the Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah and presidency of Rev. Johnny Atta-Aggrey.
During the gathering, the Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah, pours out himself into the well able men to empower them for greater exploits in the months ahead. It has seen tremendous growth and effects, with miracles, breakthroughs and divine interventions. The gathering has never been short of God’s glory being in existence for the past twenty two years.
God uses this as a means to reach out to His children and equip them for professionalism, excellence, power and grace to succeed.

Royalhouse Chapel is blessed with one of the most vibrant and active youth ministries in the nation. Currently, the youth ministry of Royalhouse Chapel International hosts one of the most successful conferences at the University of Ghana.
Dubbed, “The Movers and Shakers Conference”, the Apostle General seeks to empower the youth in the most unique way to shape, prepare, equip and empower them to takeover in the coming years, a vision which is yielding effective results.
The movers and shakers conference takes place each first week of June and sees a gathering of over twelve thousand youth members of Royalhouse Chapel International worldwide. Seasoned speakers come to motivate and empower the youth with the message of God which is relevant in all respect. It is of no doubt that through the Youth Movers and Shakers conference, lives of young adults are being enriched and the thirst for greatness is stirred by the Apostle General.

The month of September serves as a special month in the calendar of Royalhouse Chapel International because it is the month of gathering. Convention of Saints is the annual mega conference which gathers over twenty thousand people in the presence of God to be empowered. It takes place from the last Sunday of the month in September.
During this special Convention, seasoned servants of God from the nations are brought in to bless and empower the gathered saints with deep teachings and messages. The Apostle General uses this occasion to impart the lives that gather during the special night of communion and anointing. It is one of the moments you will never want to miss in the year.
Through this Convention, instant breakthroughs, miracles and testimonies have been recorded. It is unprecedented in the nation of Ghana evidently backed by the nation’s influential figures who constantly partake in this Convention.
God’s gracious hand is manifested through this conference in the most unique way. It is one of those unpredictable gatherings during which God does what is least expected. It fulfills the vision of the church to bring people into the presence of God through, prayer, praise and worship. Royalhouse chapel is indeed touching the generations with the power of God.

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The week of the altar is one of the seven feasts which Royalhouse Chapel churches around the world partake in, during which the Rev. Sam Korankye-Ankrah leads the entire congregation in intense prayers each night as the name and power of the Lord is invoked for divine assistance and intervention in the New Year, a practice replicated in all the other missions and assemblies.
In its conception, the Apostle General started this practice with his immediate family during his humble beginnings when God instructed him to do so if he wants the windows of heaven to be opened over his head. From that very day, he engaged in this practice, God has worked marvelous miracles in his life and brought him to the very place he desired. God never failed to deliver in each of the years. It has been over twenty five years now and each year; God has remained true to his word.
The week of the Altar takes off from the first Monday of January of every New Year and lasts for a period of 21 days. During this period, the major prophet leads the congregation in the invocation of covenants and expounds on the use of tokens for a heavenly intervention and a breakthrough. There is always such a strong prophetic atmosphere stirred by the prophet and apostle of God. Over the years, mind boggling miracles have been recorded with unprecedented breakthroughs and healing from all kinds of death threatening diseases.

It also serves as a period of preparation for the journey which lies ahead in each year.