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Compassion Ministry

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The Compassion Ministry of Royalhouse Chapel encompasses all the social programmes aimed at transforming the lives of the vulnerable, socially excluded and the less-privileged in society to give them hope for the future. Its operations are in conformity with the threefold vision of the church which is stated below:

  • Bringing people into God’s presence through prayer, praise and worship.
  • Preaching messages of hope that are relevant to the needs of the people.
  • Bringing comfort to people and providing them with a place and an atmosphere
    of love, care, sharing and fellowship.

The mission statement of Royalhouse Chapel is “Touching our generation with the Power of God”.
Since 1994, Royalhouse Chapel has undertaken several social interventions that have transformed many lives, families and communities. These interventions are the Prisons Ministry, Community Outreach, Senior Citizens Ministry, School of Restoration, Scholarship Foundation, Feed the Hungry and Hospital Ministry.

Royalhouse Chapel undertakes regular visits to various prisons in Ghana to minister the word of God to inmates and also show them love and care. During such visits, inmates are provided with free medical care, food, clothes and toiletries.
Some of the prisons that have benefited from this initiative include Nsawam, Akuse and Winneba prisons. In October and December 2013, over 4,000 male and female inmates of Nsawam prison were provided with highly nutritious food, used clothes and free medical screening and care. Medical supplies were also donated to the infirmaries to ensure continuous health care of inmates.

This programme reaches out to several poor communities in Ghana whose adverse socio-economic conditions including malnutrition and poor hygiene usually result in high mortality rates. Since the late 1990’s, the church has been involved in regular social relief actions to these communities to alleviate their plight.
In recent times, communities and districts such as Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions of Ghana have benefited from this intervention. The communities benefit from free medical screening and care, food items, potable water and other social amenities.
Over the years, the Community Outreach programme has also created the opportunity for the church to take special action on children and the elderly who require urgent and critical medical care to save their lives.

The School of Restoration was founded to provide care and support for ex-prisoners, drug addicts, commercial sex workers, alcoholics and other groups of persons suffering from negative addictive behaviours.
The School of Restoration provides them with care and support which include financial aid, medical care, educational scholarships, regular food rations and free clothes.
A total of 100 ex-prisoners and other socially challenged persons have so far been transformed by this ministry. Fourteen students graduated at the last graduation held in February 2013. Some past students have established their own businesses while others have continued their education.

In Ghana and Africa as a whole, the elderly are often neglected, marginalized and maltreated. The Senior Citizens’ Ministry was set up to provide resources to meet the emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual needs of its members. On the average, 400 elderly men and women above the age of 60 meet at the church’s premises weekly to receive care in the form of breakfast, lunch, free medical care as well as fellowship.

The Scholarship Foundation was instituted to provide urgent intervention in the educational pursuits of brilliant but needy students from pre-school to the tertiary level. The help is made available to both church members and non-members.
Notable is the award of scholarships to over 100 pupils of the Kadjebi Community in the Volta Region of Ghana as well as Bongo and Odoben districts in the Upper East and Central Regions of Ghana respectively.
Pastor Tsivape is one of five children whose parents could not pay his fees. He had to sell sugarcane to finance his primary education. With the intervention of Royalhouse Chapel, his school fees were paid from Junior High School to the university. He currently holds an Executive MBA and working as a banker.
Similarly, Justice’s school fees have been paid since Senior High School and now at Ghana Medical School in his 5th year.

This ministry reaches out to communities with very low socio-economic standards and are stricken with malnutrition problems.
Every year on the 26th of December, the Apostle General gathers thousands of hawkers, street children, orphans, head porters and other socially challenged people to show love to them by hosting a massive party for them.
During these programmes, highly nutritious food is served with drinks and free clothes are given out to them. Others also receive scholarships to continue with their education.
Free medical care is also provided to make them have meaningful and enjoyable Christmas celebration.

In Ghana, diseases form a major cause of the high mortality rate but a lack of economic power makes it difficult for some patients to go to the hospital when they are sick. Some patients who go for treatment are unable to pay their hospital bills.
On Sundays pastors of Royalhouse Chapel visit various hospitals to pray for the sick.
Through such visits, they get to know the dire situation of some of the patients and they inform church leadership about it. Those who need financial assistance in order to receive surgical and other medical treatments are sponsored by the church. The Hospital Ministry also gives opportunity for the church to donate medical supplies to various hospitals and clinics.